colorado springs towing

Touring through Colorado, or the “West of Everywhere,” is both exciting and unforgettable. Now and then, a trip might need to be relocated, and that is when a tow truck makes all the difference. Before making plans for a trip, ask around to see what kinds of trips they recommend.

The leading brand name in dependable tow truck travel is Hale-Hart, which has been in business for over twenty years. If you want to see more of the great outdoors, and don’t have time to take a car with you, a Hale-Hart truck may be the way to go.

The Ford 725-CV is a great model for your trip. The company carries a large selection of models, each of which can tow several vehicles.

If you need to transport heavy loads, a tilt-down beam-end conversion from a Ford pick-up is the best choice. Many other companies carry the Ford beam-end conversion, which lifts the bed of the pickup, allowing the load to be carried higher up in the bed. You can even set the tilt-down beam-end to tilt up in the bed to give you space to park the pickup.

If you need to tow large loads to narrow roads, a tow-n-back truck makes all the difference. If you need to transport watercraft, trailers, or other large objects, a tow-n-back truck is the best choice. The trucks are large enough to lift and tow more than one object at a time.

The model number of your ride is important. Make sure the towing vehicle you select is the lighter model. Models with higher gas mileage are better choices if you are off the beaten path.

Springs and wheels are in such demand right now that almost any brand will tow a vehicle with what is needed. Make sure you have all the sizes and the proper wheels installed. If you need a heavy lift, make sure the truck has it.

Find a vehicle that has a tilt-down beam-end on the cab. This lightens the load so you can park it in your driveway or garage. An electric tilt-down beam-end allows you to lift the beam-end with a handle and have the load brought higher into the bed. The beam-end will drop into position whenever the door is opened.

Trailers are available with a liftgate that allows a wheel to be opened up into the space when traveling through brush and heavy timber. The liftgate will secure the trailer to a flatbed truck, if it is required. Trailers can also be fitted with a roll-up bed when your trip is not with a large caravan.

The Canyon Blanc in Wyoming has some of the most amazing scenery on the continent. A Canyon Blanc tow is the only choice if you want to see the rich, open forests and magnificent rock formations. The Canyon Blanc is also the only opportunity to drive along the backcountry roads to see the best of the western wilds.

Colorado Springs towing is a pleasure and privilege to anyone who chooses to go with a Hale-Hart model. Whether it is a weekend trip, a family outing, or a unique business trip, Hale-Hart is the perfect choice. A Hale-Hart Towing truck is like the yellow brick road in a dream.